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Web solutions

MOYA's web projects are presented here . They include complete websites, web plug-ins, custom purpose scripts and userscripts.

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Desktop and mobile solutions

Desktop and mobile phone solutions include GUI applications and system services. List of MOleYArd games may be found here

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Blog mostly presenting different approaches, methods and practices in software development, but also containing some "out of main topic" articles. MOYA (MOleYArd) products are presented here as well.

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Snapshots from chosen projects:

  • picture“Download your albums from Facebook.”
  • picture“Grab images from any website.”
  • picture“Highly customizable AJAX rater solution for your website's rating polls.“
  • picture“Pepan Durak is a variant of popular card game. ”

Chosen projects

1)OWIDIG - OWIDIG grabs and lists image content and information from websites with lots of filtering options. It also offers downloading of grabbed images and social network sharing of grabbed images. Additionaly you can rename downloaded images or save them as a ZIP file.

2)OWIDIG TOOLS - OWIDIG Tools provide specialised tools for downloading images from websites. Currently you can download complete photoalbums (both thumbnails and full-size images) or profile photos from Facebook social network in several different modes.

3)STAR AJAX POLL - ultimate highly customizable AJAX STAR rater solution for your website's rating polls. STAR AJAX POLL can use practically any character as a rating unit with a special support for star characters. Customizable parameters include spacing, colors, range, text comments and much more.

4)PEPAN DURAK - Pepan Durak is a variant of popular card game. While standard Russian Durak is played with a deck o 36 cards, Pepan Durak is based on variant that is played with 32 card. Play this game with your friend on LAN!